School of Contemporary Performative Street Arts

School of Contemporary Performative and Street Theatre Arts (ŠUGLA) is a programme of non-formal education and training in the field of theatre and performance in the public space. There are four levels which encompass 14 weeks of training or intensive weekend modules, and the creation of a theatre performance, enacted at the International Street Theatre Festival Ana Desetnica.

Mentored by Slovenian and foreign experts in several fields of street production, participants discover that theatre is a living organism in modern society, they develop their performative skills, and learn about the laws of creating and performing in the public space.

The programme targets young creators with diverse artistic interests, knowledge, and experiences; those in search of new challenges and/or theatre techniques and tools in order to use them in teaching and for their active roles in society.

Educational goals of ŠUGLA programme

Level 1

  • learning of   acrobatic skills
  • basics of group dinamics
  • awareness and use of body
  • development and use of voice
  • acting presence and building of a character
  • rythm and sound

Level 2

  • development and use of voice in (public) space
  • performer in (public) space
  • use of physical  space and its architecture
  • use of other contents of public space

Level 3

  • interaction with public
  • improvisation in the streets
  • bacisc of creating author production
  • connecting the basic components of street theater: performer – space – public

Level 4

  • production of author street theatre show with acknowledge mentors
  • premiere of production at international street theatre festival Ana Desetnica