About Us

Since its establishment in 1981, Ana Monro Theatre has made amazing progress: A small, yet artistically strong theatre group, is now a world-renowned street theatre organization with the status of a society in the public interest in the field of culture and education, and a referenced non-governmental institution, striving to make the public space a place of equality as well as free expressions and actions.


GORO OSOJNIK – artistic director and head of Ana Monro Theatre

goro.anamonro@gmail.com / +386 41 723 146

ANKICA RADIVOJEVIĆ – producer, administrator, and organizer

ankica.anamonro@gmail.com / +386 40 866 388

SARA ŠABEC – educational leader of ŠUGLA and educational cultural and artistic project manager

sara.anamonro@gmail.com / +386 41 889 001

TEA VIDMAR – project manager of international cooperation

tea.anamonro@gmail.com / +386 31 578 501

LEJA FORŠTNER – public relations person and social media manager

leja.anamonro@gmail.com / +386 31 546 234 


Our main activities are the creation and presentation of theatre art in the public space for a wide audience. Engaging in the field of knowledge transfer and experience exchange as well as forming partnerships with other local, national, regional, and international organizations, it’s our goal to promote art production and connect creators in the field of contemporary performative and street arts.


We like to say that our establishment is based on four pillars: FESTIVALS, KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER, CREATION and INTERNATIONAL activities. None of the pillars are monolithic, and they all consist of several themes, which intertwine and complement one another.


Our mission is to continuously use, explore, and develop the public space as a place of artistic creativity, performances, education, communication, and connection, and also as a place for relaxation or gatherings, and cooperation among people.

Our vision is to keep the public space in Slovenia open to art and people, and make contemporary performative and street arts more recognizable and successful in non-cultural spheres, such as entrepreneurship, education, health, and tourism.