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Delavnica 1

International Interdisciplinary Research Workshop

PLACE yourSELF inTO public SPACE

Ljubljana, 29 June−8 July 2018 / Ana Desetnica

A unique opportunity for an exchange of ideas, knowledge and tools for you
to discover and develop innovative art techniques in the public space.


PLACE yourSELF inTO public SPACE is a 10-day, 50-hour non-formal training programme for young people aged from 18 to 29 who are amateurs or semi-professionals in the field of various art forms (performative and visual art, music, intermedia etc.) The programme consists of four two-day workshops exploring the public space through the eyes of the circus, street theatre, urban set design and audio-visual art.

The workshops are divided into a technical, research and experimental part. In the technical part, the teachers will present participants with basic technical skills, tools and methods of the respective art forms. The research takes place at the festival, and participants, assisted by a teacher, find out about the laws of the public space, searching for creative ways of incorporating their own artistic expression. In the experimental part, participants are exploring the point where the four art techniques meet, whilst trying to form connections among the art forms in order to enrich their own techniques.

The topic of the workshops is a stranger in town which may be reflected personally by the young people, should they have the experience of feeling like a stranger in (their own) town, yet it evokes a broad social issue of cultural isolation, experienced by migrants and minority groups. The aim of the programme is to form a group of young people and encourage them to exchange thoughts, opinions and feelings about themselves as individuals in the modern society, and find a way to express similar and different opinions through art whilst using the public space as a means of expression, whereas circus, street theatre, urban set design and video production skills become tools for an artistic expression.




The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, therefore the participation is FREE for:
6 persons from Slovenia,
6 persons from Croatia,
6 persons from Serbia.
You can apply for FREE participation at the workshop only until all the places are full!

For others (and participants from other countries) the price is 150 €.

SIGN UP HERE / +386 31 578 501

(Tea Vidmar, international collaboration project manager at Ana Monro Theatre)

We reserve the right to modify or cancel the programme in the event that there are not enough applications!