Custom-made Celebration

The Custom-made Innovative Event


Custom-Made Celebration is an innovative and comprehensive way of organizing unofficial events such as celebrations, promotional events, business parties, picnics, and other forms of spending quality time, whose goal is to strengthen business ties and friendships among our clients and their partners, the public or other target audiences.

Custom-Made Celebration elegantly combines art and culture with other fields such as economy, education, tourism, health sector, and other business and social fields. Creating in cooperation with our clients, we always consider their needs and expectations as well as an event venue capacity; we advise our clients on the content and programme, i.e., make a business proposal.


Why Custom-Made Celebration?

A HIGH-QUALITY ARTISTIC PROGRAMME, guaranteed by the best Slovenian and Slovenia-based street artists, among whom many are academic actors, and all of whom have experiences performing in non-theatre venues.

INTERACTIVE or INCLUSIVE, street artists address visitors/guests with their knowledge, skills, and experiences. Artists entertain guests and engage them in different activities (sometimes soft teambuilding). This is what creates the programme as well as a laid-back atmosphere which makes people excited, in anticipation, and – at the end of the day – happy.

ADAPTATION FOR A SPECIFIC VENUE: Open-air events, adaptations for our clients’ offices, production halls, laboratories, congress halls – and the sky’s the limit.

About the content

HOSTING: An event is hosted by an experienced and reputable host who may also (if so agreed upon) address an audience/guests in English, German or Italian.

PERFORMANCE: An art performance (approx. 25–45 minutes), one of the finest by Slovenian or foreign street theatres (dance, theatre, children’s, fire, circus, and interactive performances).

MASTERS OF CEREMONIES: The number of masters of ceremonies depends on the clients’ wishes and needs, but there are always at least two artists present. Such entertainment may also include elements of teambuilding.

A CAKE SHOW: A short and exciting artistic act (3–5 min) can be an opening show, the peak of an event, or an ending (to an official part).


Goro 1

Goro Osojnik (moderator)

performer, TV host, producer and director


Luka Korenčič (animator)

performer, comedian, improviser and media personality

Dsc 4132

Camilo Acosta Mendoza (animator)

performer, dancer, juggler, entertainer and world traveler

Silvia 2

Silvia Viviani (animator)

performer and musician

Tea 1

Tea Vidmar (artist)

performer, musician and singer

Tomše Za Ppm

Andrej Tomše (artist)

a circus artist, a juggler and a jerk

Sara Foto

Sara Bajec (artist)

performer, circus artist and artist with hula hop ring


1528921217823 Teater Polpet, Riba

Teater PolPet:

THE FISH (15′)

Two sailors are on a boat trip when a fish appears. The fish just stays there and won’t bite.  Sometimes reminiscent of a videogame, the performance draws inspiration from burlesques and silent movies.


Dana Avguštin:

SOMIRU (20′)

The journey of a shadow through a dream, searching for what seems to remain still. Through movement and sound, rhythm and breath, the “per-sona” speaks, traveling through imaginary worlds of reality. The road is twisted and steep, abstract and absurd, beautiful and incomprehensible.


Šugla gledališče:


A warm tale about a father and son who go to the mountains in order to spend a great day together. However, they go separate ways. Searching for their way back, they come across many a funny obstacle.

Ala Kart

Trio Šardone:



Sit down and enjoy the music of your taste. Maître d’ and his assistants bring you fresh songs, one by one, and in front of your very eyes. Taste the unheard, à la carte! Attention: the performance is in times distasteful, and may contain eggs!

Pot V Tadam

Globus Hystericus:


A thrilling street adventure about three fearless adventurers is a metaphor for something we’re all in search of – a better tomorrow.