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PLACE yourSELF inTO public SPACE

International Interdisciplinary Research Workshop

PLACE yourSELF inTO public SPACE is a non-formal international training programme for young people from Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia, aged from 18 to 29, who are amateurs or semi-professionals in the field of various art forms (performative and visual art, music, intermedia, etc.). The programme consists of intensive workshops exploring the public space through the eyes of different artistic practices.

The body responsible for the programme is Ana Monro Theatre, and the programme is coordinated by TEA VIDMAR. 


Workshops are divided into a technical, research, and experimental part. In the technical part, teachers present participants with basic technical skills, tools, and methods of respective art forms. The research takes place at the Ana Desetnica festival in Ljubljana, and participants, assisted by a teacher, find out about the laws of the public space and search of creative ways of incorporating their own artistic expression. In the experimental part, participants explore the point where different art techniques meet, whilst trying to establish connections among the art forms in order to enrich their own techniques.

The programme is a unique opportunity for young artists to exchange ideas, knowledge, and tools, as well as to discover and develop their own innovative art techniques in the public space.


Tea Vidmar
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