Ana Mraz5


Out-of-the-box Musical Street Performance

A Theater Choir, a mixed choir of superb singers, make an entrance; the audience expects an unforgettable performance. This crème-de-la-crème musical experience is hot not only in Slovenia but abroad as well. The entrance of the female virtuosic conductor confirms the highest hopes: the concert is going to be a sight for sore eyes, both surprizing and in tune.

However, eccentricity, wild imagination, inside impulses, and outside disturbances make for unforeseen situations. Suddenly, the audience is a part of a musical repertoire, the conductor finds herself among the spectators, and the singers try their loudest to make this yet another in the series of unforgettable concerts. Oops! is something the world hasn’t seen or heard yet, and that’s precisely why the harmony should be experienced “first-sense”. Appassionato!

The performance is suitable for every audience, and it may also be performed indoors.


Author: Tea Vidmar

Performers: Teja Bitenc, Vesna Godler, Rok Hrovat, Brigita Marko, Robert Mušič, Polona Prosen, Teja Saksida, Delajda Didi Solin, Tea Vidmar

Directing consulting: Hristina Vasić Tomše

Coproduction: Ana Monro Theatre

Thank you: Ana Monro Theatre, Jerneja Kaja Balog, Jaša Jenull, Mirko Malle, Ex-Teater, Pia Vatovec.


Duration: 30 min

Technical requirements: quiet acoustic space (7 x 5 m)


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