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Ljubljana Stories

Interactive Walk through History

Guaranteeing a different experience of Ljubljana, Ljubljana Stories is an unforgettable journey, a funny and educational interactive walk through more than 500 years of the Gornji trg square’s rich history, an exclusive tour of the parts of the old town that are usually neglected by tour guides, and a unique experience of theatre art in the public space.

Ljubljana Stories will take you for an interactive walk – not your ordinary walk, mind you. The show is based on real places and the history of the city while presenting a brand new view of the past. Are you interest in what it was like to live in fascist-occupied Ljubljana or the Illyrian Provinces? Would you like to experience a fatal earthquake, what it’s like to be a beggar, get to know and feel the modern spirit of the city, fall in love, and/or dance with the Water Man? If so – welcome to our street theatre time-travel adventure!

The performance starts under the chandelier in front of St. Florian’s church in the Gornji trg square. It’s carried out in any weather.

Only a limited number of spectators may join, so please fill out the form on our website gledalisceanemonro@gmail.com. Send your applications by 3 o’clock on the day of the performance.

There’s NO ENTRANCE FEE, however, the artists are going to ask you for an EXIT FEE. (The recommended contribution is 10 EUR per adult.)

Performers: Silvia Viviani, Rada Kikelj Drašler, Katjuša Kovačič, Luka Korenčič, Matjaž Ocvirk, Tea Vidmar, Manca Uršič, Polona Prosen, Goro Osojnik.

Idea and Concept: Goro Osojnik.

Director: Goro Osojnik.

Scenario: group work.

Research of Historical Sources: Matjaž Ocvirk.

Sound: Polona Prosen.

Help and Support: Jana Apih, Mitja Lavtar, dr. Dejan Križaj in še mnogi drugi.

Production: Ana Monro Theatre (Simi Merhar in Goro Osojnik, @ 2013).


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