Custom-made Culture

A Theatre Programme: Culture and Arts education for school children

Custom-Made Culture is an educational programme in the field of culture and art we’ve been developing in order to promote creative partnerships among young people, artistic organisations, and educational institutions. It’s carried out in a school environment, whereas the contents and duration are adapted to the needs of an institution (Custom-Made Day of Culture, Custom-Made Weekend, Custom-Made Week, Custom-Made Month).

Custom-Made Culture encompasses a contemporary theatre performance, a hosted discussion about the performance, and interpretation of contents based on theatre theory, language, and symbols, which may be upgraded with a practical workshop of physical theatre, and the creation of a performance by participants under expert mentorship.

To elementary pupils and high-school student, Custom-Made Culture guarantees a direct experience of theatre art, promotes the development of their emotional, motivational, social, cognitive, and motor competences, and teachers are offered the possibility to co-create a high-quality culture programme, performed by professional street artists and suitable for pupils or students.