ANA DESETNICA 2020 – The Frame of Summer, Part 1!

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Ana Desetnica 2020 festival will take place in two parts – at the beginning and at the end of the summer. Therefore the slogan Frame of summer.

Part 1 (27.6.-4.7.) statistics: 7 towns (Kamnik, Nova Gorica, Ljubljana, Gornja Radgona, Sežana, Krško, Ilirska Bistrica), 13 venues, 75 artists, 20 different performances and 38 events all together.

Inspired by Ana under your window initiative, which we started during the time of quarantine, in Ljubljana (1.-4.7.) most of the festival programme took place in residential neighborhoods. But the first day of the festival, we performed it in the city center, where we premiered our new street production, the interactive ecological show Last Catch.

Part 2 will take place in Ljubljana in September (17.-20.9.).