Street theatre during the PANDEMIC (II.)!


Craig Weston, street theatre performer (The Primitives), director and educator.

So, have you had to cancel the festival yet, or are you ”on hold”?

Here, in Germany, Spain, France, Ireland… Basically our whole season up to September has been cancelled.

I can accept it.  I can live with it.  I can even embrace it.  Change is always an opportunity to learn and to grow. But today, I must say, I was a little bit in mourning to see our whole summer go up in smoke.

I play music.  I am building a new instrument, with wood and hand tools and enormous patience, which is a wonderful experience, I must admit. My days are full, I am busy, playing, building, walking (we still can) yoga, healthy food..

It is hard to believe in a former life I was a performer and director!