Street theatre during the PANDEMIC (I.)!

Bruno Costa

Bruno Costa, head of Bússola, Portugese organization for the support and development of outdoor arts

”We are living something that we cannot imagine in 21st century. For a while we are completely stop, without expectations or even deadlines. No one know when and how we can “return our lives”. Or should we be creative and take opportunities from the adversities?

In the beginning all of us think it will be only for 2 or 3 weeks. Now we know that March, April and May are months completely off for our regular cultural practices. We don’t know when and how our festivals could happens again. Should we cancel activities in June? Should we postpone for Autumn? Should we wait? Uncertain is the word of our day to day.

But I believe we cannot just stop. It’s time to (re)think the present and future. Sure, culture and performing arts needs people, emotions, audience and community. But we are living a very special and unique moment. For a while, could we focus on test new practices? Could it be an opportunity to face without obstacles the digitalization and find ways for the future?

I don’t believe in 2 years arts and culture could be only digital! We need people! But I really believe our today’s experience will certainly help us to find new work methodologies… maybe better, maybe more sustainable, maybe stronger for our jobs. Instead of focus on the problem, let’s think on alternative solutions. Let’s try. Let’s make mistakes. Let’s find new paths. Let’s continue living!”