Immerse yourself in the HISTORY OF the LJUBLJANICA river!


We are very happy and proud to announce issue of the book The Legend of the Origin of the Ljubljanica / River of Seven Names.

The legend was created as a result of the imagination of creators of our research inclusive interdisciplinary art project River of Seven Names, and a special stamp was undoubtedly imprinted by exceptional (digital) illustrations in which it was depicted by the renowned artist Ciril Horjak – dr. Horowitz.

In the booklet, which consists of two parts, we also summarized the most important information about the project and accompanied it with beautiful photographs by Luka Dakskobler, who in September 2020 documented the opening spectacle along the Ljubljanica, where we presented the River of Seven Names to the public.

According to the director of the renowned publishing house and bookstore Buča, where the booklet will be on sale from 21 June, and who will also take care of its distribution in other bookstores and libraries throughout Slovenia, the Legend of the Ljubljanica it’s an important contribution to the rich history of the river, with which the man who settled in its basin thousands of years ago is most closely connected.