Goodbye ANA’S LIFT!

Dvižnica Final

This is the team, that created Ana’s Lift from January 26 to May 4, a short and fun training-motivational program with which we (almost) every Tuesday morning strengthened ourselves and your body and morale during a difficult period called the second wave of the epidemic.

Despite the restrictions, we “took” you to the carnival, the sea and the ski resort. Together, we chased dreams and created new fashion trends, and when we were ”shut down”, we lifted you up from our homes.

THANK YOU to everyone who followed our online broadcasts on the SIMS channel and join us.

THANK YOU to the guest artists Camilo Acosta Mendoza, Silvia Viviani and Matjaž Ocvirk for accepting our invitation, taking over the rehearsals of the Ana’s Lift and making it even more interesting.

And of course THANK YOU (from left to right) Tina Žen (total camera woman), Goro Osojnik (office moth, doctor Zdravko Dren and others), Tea Vidmar (superheroine Ana M.) and Ankica Radivojević (secretary Magda smeared with all sorts of jokes) for sparkling content.

It was wonderful, but it’s time to get back out, to the street where we’re home! If we ever need your ”services” again, of course we are counting on you!

Dear audience, stay healthy and keep moving!