URBana LJUBLJana 2022


Open call for international award of excellence for the best street theatre show of Slovenian artists or art groups.


Jubilee 25th International Street Theatre festival Ana Desetnica 2022 // Ljubljana, 29.6.-3.7.


The purpose of the award is to encourage the production of quality street performances that are strong in acting, innovative and demanding of themselves and the audience; performances that know how to use the street as a performative space, and which – depending on their specifics – know and are able to involve the audience. With the award, we also want to ensure greater recognition of Slovenian artists in the field of contemporary performative street arts in the broadest international space, and last but not least, a greater reputation and reference in this field of art.


A plaquette and 2.000 EUR in prize money.


  • The project (performance, intervention and/or site specific performance) must have at least 5 repetitions in front of the general audience before applying.
  • When applying, it is necessary to enclose a content description of the project, pictorial and video material about the project and media publications about it.
  • Selected performances, interventions and/or site-specific performances are guaranteed 1 performance at the Ana Desetnica 2022 program in Ljubljana.
  • An artist or artistic group can compete for the award of excellence only once with the same performance.
  • The prize will be paid in the form of an additional fee for performing at the festival based on the invoice issued.
  • The winner of the award will be selected by a 5-member international jury, which will consist of 4 qualified experts in the field of contemporary performative street arts and a representative of the audience. The decisions of the jury are final.


Polona Prosen: // +386 31 874 443