Live stream platform

And innovative format of multi-channel live stream SIMS (Synchronous Interactive Multi Stream).

4 strategically placed cameras (we also use 360-degree camera) and therefore 4 different perspectives of live events – and a playful experience of changing them.

It offers the user a different, attractive and unique experience of contemporary performative street art, which he can (co)create on his own, and in dimensions that go beyond live viewing.


Consequently, the SIMS live stream format surpasses both, the imitation of reality in the virtual world and the experience of watching the event live in person.

We developed it in December 2020 and since then used it to stream almost 100 different events from various spaces of performance – from offices, private homes, estate courtyards and courtyards of care homes, streets and other urban public places, festivals, in the home country (Slovenia) as well as abroad (Spain, Croatia, Chech Republic, Serbia).

From all the gathered experiences we keep developing and upgrading it in cooperation with Academic and Research Network of Slovenia (ARNES).

As part of this development, we are also exploring the so-called hybrid production form that is a combination of a live event and its live webcast. We believe that such form will successfully ”answer” the creative and performative restrictions and challenges that we are facing in fields of contemporary performative street arts in the so-called ”new reality”, in which the access to public spaces and its use are often restricted.

SIMS is built on a high technical level, but is at the same time very simple and manageable, and offers high-quality video and audio streaming with mobile phones over mobile networks.

Further development of the SIMS format envisions the possibility of archiving the content and offering it as video on demand. It also shows a great potential for a creation of a freely accessible platform for presentation, promotion and networking of street performers that could complement or even substitute the so-called showcase festivals and events, where performers usually seek (business) connections with programme selectors, cultural managers, agents or potential clients, or where they meet and network with other performers.



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