The ART-YARD concept is a way of cooperation between street theatre artists and concrete residents in backyards and neighborhoods.

The project has raised from our corona lockdown times activities, called Ana under your Window, which we started to support artists and the community in times of crisis. It offers a new safe format of events: culture is brought to the community, to the courtyards of apartment buildings, where residents become spectators through their windows and on balconies.

We are now exploring and developing it further and seekeing to upgrading it into a platform for our Community activities. We call it  ART-YARD: Theatre Art in every Courtyard.

We are thinking of making it into an international project and try to find some EU grants to develop and finance it further.

We plan to continue with it, corona or no corona situation!


Ana Pod Oknom (luka Dakskobler)

Ana Pod Oknom (jože Suhadolnik)

Ana Pod Oknom Portret (jože Suhadolnik)

Ana Pod Oknom Infekcijske Klinike

Bežigrad Apo

Ana Pod Oknom Trnovo (luka Dakskobler)

Ana Pod Oknom By Luka Dakskobler

Ana Pod Oknom Za Delo (jože Suhadolnik)