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Ana Desetnica

International Street Theatre festival

With its urban art, national and international street theatre festival Ana Desetnica has been changing the intended purpose of the public space for more than two decades, making it accessible to everyone.

Often attracting those who don’t usually go to cultural events, Ana Desetnica is the largest and most diverse cultural and social event in Slovenia. It has visited more than 25 cities and attracts tens of thousands of visitors a year.

Presenting exciting and excellent street art groups from Slovenia and abroad, the festival also makes room for newcomers and experimental projects involving several genres and disciplines. Ana Desetnica has presented more than 5,000 street artists from more than 40 countries and 6 continents, enacting at least a thousand street theatre, circus and dance shows, art interventions, installations, and site-specific performances.


The festival includes other activities, aimed at networking, getting to know artists and selectors (morning exercises with local artists, practical workshops, presentations of other participants’ works), and an exchange of knowledge and experience Talks with artists, hosted and documented by critic and dramaturge Samo Oleami). Since 2017, there’s a competition for the urbANA ljubljANA / URBana LJUBLJana International Award of Excellence. We strive to make Ana Desetnica something that rarely appears in our field: a meeting-point for experts, a centre where street artists meet.

Ana Desetnica has strong artistic and social components. Through diverse activities, it attracts visitors to spend some time in the public space and to mingle there. This is what our two concepts of making Ana Desetnica part of Ljubljana are about. We call them The Two Faces of the street and Living Room.


Goro Osojnik
+386 41 723 146