Festival rules

Instructions, commandments, rules of the game, what’s IN and what’s OUT, what’s OK, and what’s NOT OK – whatever their name, there have always been 10 rules of conduct at Ana Desetnica festival, which, for Ana’s faithful followers, are the only (or at least the most important) street laws.

  1. Say hello to people who are watching a show with you.
  2. There is no siiting order in the streets, there is, however, an agreement: front rows are for sitting on the floor, middle rows for sitting on polystyrene seats, and back rows for standing.
  3. Street theatre is a theatre, so turn off your mobile phones during performances, and don’t chat.
  4. A street is a stage, so don’t walk or ride all over it! This goes especially for amateur as well as professioanl photographers, and bikers.
  5. Street performances are lively especially due to the interaction with the audience. Don’t be afraid to join in if an artist invites you.
  6. If it say in the catalogue that a performance is a walkabout, and is set at a certain location, know that this is just where it starts. You are then supposed to follow the artists.
  7. In case of rain, we recommend you wear a raincoat, as umbrellas block the view.
  8. If the show doesn’t start on time, please don’t get cranky. Sure, it’s not nice, but it happens sometimes.
  9. It’s cool to supportthe festival.
  10. Golden rule: watch with your eyes, not your phones!