ERASMUS+ youth exchange!

Ana Desetnica 2022 Ljubljana, Mednarodna Izmenjava

This summer Ana Monro Theatre (SLO), Sign Dance Collective International (CRO) and Cirkusfera (SER) will give young artists (from 16 to 30 years old) an opportunity of getting to know and research street theatre, modern circus, performative vocalization and video production – for free!

In addition to creativity and artistic competence, the participants will develop and strengthen self-confidence, self-initiative, the ability to (co)operate in a group, communication and social skills, and at the same time, in a stimulating environment, they will exceed and perhaps even destroy the boundaries (both personal and physical) that they have they set themselves, which are set for them by society and the environment in which they operate, or even by their own body.

Ljubljana, 26.6.-4.7.2023

Pakoštane, 11.-19.8.2023

Belgrade, 16.-24.9.2023